Hundreds of years ago, a futurist and philosopher called Nostradamus had predicted, “Humans are having a primal instincts of survival and dominance which make them one amongst the animals who can harm others to continue the tyranny.” Humans did all as the words had described or better say, words described the exact nature of humans. Since the begining of socialised living of humans thousand years ago, this tradition of being a ruler has been rolled down to present day without any change to it. In older days, tribes fought tribes, nations fought nations in the name of kings. Although there was a good reason of freedom and rights, another aspect of it always wore a glimpse of power to rule. Not all the people were bad but some of them who came forward by gaining control of remaining others definitely mirrored the evil within their minds. Such powerful rulers who craved for more power crushed the weak ones under their merciless dominance. Throughout the history, these wars for being superior amongst other have been distinguished part of human race. From Alexander to Auranzeb, from Huns to Hitler and America to Russia. For every one of them, the power meant everything.
The words of that old wise man were reciprocated and recalled loudly after the world wars. The British empire over India, Cruelty unleashed by Nazis upon Jews had underlined the crave of dominance that could go to any height and depth to maintain their unresolvable thirst of high seat. After the 50’s although the war by tanks and vessels seemed to calm down in most of the world, the new era of the fighting for the power has risen. Cold war amongst two nation broke out, war between once united country for the acquiring the land sparked many wars but later the improvising sanity and globalization helped to stiffle these open fights. But as said before about the unresolvable thirst, it was growing and boiling to spread it’s anarchy over the world once again. Secured borders put constraints on it but it was just for a while. When people thought that there is going to be peace afterwards, just then the worm of this dominance lying inside the humans came out of its temporary dormant state and headed to squirm within the boundaries, within the country. The only thing which diversified the united country, (alright let me be specific) our country India was religion and thus these infectious minds chose it to create chaos within it. Such handful of maniacs came out of holes and started to spit about about religions. They modified history and altered the philosophy just to boost up their campaign to decentralize the creed. The people who were under the influence began to heat up the air for another religion. The hatred grew larger and just by the law of action to reaction, the religious fight club formed the sections far sooner. People who once stood side by side for country to exhibit the power of unity now began to fight with each other so as to behold the earned empire. Religion became the shield to cover up the agendas of their leaders. That lunacy coming out of influential minds polluted the minds of peoples who believed and followed them. The sight became hazy and then it began. Brother began slaughtering brother, once who stood side by side to be powerful and free began to stiffle the breaths of each other. Just like the bamboo plants, you chop down it once and soon it sprouts out of the roots again. Similarly the infection of minds began to spread all over. The mindset about rivalry has proliferated so much that it swept and pushed the goodness in a side corner. If one pot of boiling soup went cool, these lunatics fired it up by adding a new spice and new fuel because it was the way for their dream dish to cook perfectly.
The same had happened since the ages and has just happened few days ago, originated in Koregaon Bhima. The spark of war between two groups was fired up by someone from this type of dominators. They picked a sensitive string which joined two religious group in harmony and then simply snatched it until it broke. That’s it, sooner the fight between those groups began and spread all over the country. No one knew exactly what happened, why happened but they still fought with each other. Why..? Just to keep the chest puffed with the hollow pride that has been incinerated in their minds. No one was right and no one was innocent out of them. They are guilty of fighting up against the own peoples without knowing why they are doing all that. Shivaji Maharaj had built the foundation of modern Maharashtra. He struggled his life so that all people could live together in peace and harmony. He never ever put limits to society under the name of cast and creed. And now here we are, letting his Maharashtra fall apart in the religious rivalries and fights. The people who invoke us to fight for religion are actually having no concerns with religion. They just use it as a drug to booze our mind and we get high on that.
This has to stop. The fight of India and Pakistan, Hindu and Muslim, so called upper class and lower class. There is no way we are going to be great if we are crawling and fighting in such degraded level. We have to come out of the grip of those so called leaders who push us in the field to fight for no reason except their crave for power, politics and influence. No religion has ever said to fight and slaughter for keeping itself at apex position. Religion were made to make humans live a life with morals and values, instead we are going nowhere in that direction.

This has stop or sooner we will put each other to an end while the devil will enjoy watching this play of chaos go as per his plan.




If we consider ourself as a plant then the family acts as our roots which keeps us merged in the soil of society, equally importantly, there is the sun which helps to grow the plant by providing the ray of knowledge to live a life with moral and values. This sun is nothing but teachers in our life. They nourish our mind with the things that not even our instincts can teach. They make us understand the great things without disturbing the cords of the brain.

There was a day, almost 2000 thousand years ago when the great universities such as Nalanda and Takshashila has reigned over the world through the kind of brilliance it radiated. The teachers there were the power house of those enlightening hubs where the students from almost half of the world came to seek the knowledge and learn. Education was considered as sacred at that time and hence the institutions were always funded above the margin. Teachers at these universities were the only higher controlling power, they get to decide which things to teach, how to teach, whom to teach. They also knew the changes or updates required in education over time. They did it and made that Indian era as most brightened in history of world.
Later as the time passed as it always do, the things begin to change but they weren’t in favour of good aftereffects. The passing time came up with the commercialisation and it did not spared the education system either. The power from the hands of teacher was withdrawn and handed over to the ‘head’ of institutes, clearly the business and politics which has been kept separate for ages from education has intruded in it. The tycoons realized the potential of business in education & they erected institutions and colleges, one after another. The trend proliferated so rapidly that it almost buried down the actual concept of education along with the importance of teachers. They earned money in the name of educational service and left teachers poorly compensated. The caring government also devised a system to control and design the format of education to be taught across university, state and even country. They formed a syllabus 10 years ago which is still being used & won’t change for decades either. These two factors when intermingled with each other, it literally blew up the soul of education. The illiterate ones gained the seat to dominate the brilliant minds. The old brains sitting in lush offices far away started to devise a unified syllabus for different kind of students. In this process, the potential of students and power of teachers were neglected and hence, the ship of education began to sink down in the abyss of intellectual anarchy. The sun was clogged behind the dark clouds and the tiny plant withered for the light but it didn’t came, it”s still happening. This market is ruining the quality of education, future of students and abilities of teachers.

If we wish to see our plant grow, the sun needs to rise back to it’s glory so that the genuine knowledge can be imparted without any restrictions. Teachers create professionals and thus the future. To avoid the sad demise of wisdom, this crucial play must be stopped or the future of next generation will halt in nowhere.

WHO I AM : version 1

So the question was, WHO I AM..? And one of the aspect which struck my mind like lightening was the physics, broadly the science and so the thoughts went whirling down in the depths of it.

Billions and billions years ago, when there was nothing except of….nothing itself, a sudden and extremely powerful burst of energy erupted from a tiniest particle and then within the fraction of second, the universe as we see it today emerged through it, the big bang. from that moment the time started to tick and space started to expand with the clouds of only hydrogen all over filled randomly in it. Gradually, these gaseous cloud particles gathered due to gravitational attraction to form dense bodies which over millions of years later turned into hot burning star. With continuous gravitational pull inside their core and the ongoing nuclear reaction, a stage came where they exploded releasing very high energy and the new element into the space. Again these gases reformed into star and then exploded creating another different element. Helium, Carbon, Nitrogen etc. all the elements that we see in periodic table today were created through these dying, exploding stars. The universe spent its billions of years just in this firecracker show of forming elements. Subsequently, the galaxies and solar systems formed including our dear earth. 4 billion years ago the birth of earth took place followed by the first life, then second and then on and on. An era came when we, the humans evolved and started to roam the earth. With consistent struggle, humans managed to survive and today here we are, most advanced and intelligent species on earth.

If we looked at ourselves we will find out that our body is made of elements such as calcium, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, phosphorous etc. Now roll back to billions of years, starbursts; the phenomenon which formulated all these elements of which we are composed. We are the descendants of the stars, the stars which exploded to turn into us. If seen in little more depth, we will come to know that from where do these stars came from. Something unknown triggered the big bang, this big bang created stars and hence all the elements. Further down on this road these elements have formed us.

So who I am..?

A Star, The Universe or The Big Bang.


Version 2 follows…

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WHO I AM? : A Question

In this our world filled with infinite amazements, we humans are the greatest amongst all of them. We were born, we grew and we lived, we still are doing. Our very existence has reigned over millions of years. Back from the monkeys to stone age and thereafter. We endured through all this span and evolved to the stage what we are today. We have built a world of our own, a society with all sort of layers in which we live. Our work, our job, our profession and our background defines our identity in the society. This is how we introduce ourselves to the world & this is what we are known to the world. But is that it? Are we really just a doctor, a student, a wife, a man or is there anything else related to us; something that could specifically define who we are.

And then there it comes, a question asked to ourselves. This one question can create pretty big chaos in our minds if processed seriously within the close cells of our brain. The question asks us who we are, it makes me ask myself who I am..? and when I tried to reach out for the answer I was left with nothing but a clumsy storm of confusing thoughts in the head. This question has been debated all over from old ages to modern days, from religious to scientific aspect and from here to there. Obviously every question is supposed to have answers and this will have too. But before getting to that point there will certainly be some opinions of our mind, our own ones. And hence I had some boiling in my head with the heat of this ‘who I am’ question and many steamy opinions came out of it. Here I will spill out the various thoughts I had, one by one. They might not be correct (obviously!) but they indeed project my perspective about it.


Ties of Mind

     As a man was passing the elephants, he suddenly stopped, confused by the fact that these huge creatures were being held by only a small rope tied to their front leg. No chains, no cages. It was obvious that the elephants could, at anytime, break away from their bonds but for some reason, they did not.
He saw a trainer nearby and asked why these animals just stood there and made no attempt to get away. “Well,” trainer said, “when they are very young and much smaller we use the same size rope to tie them and, at that age, it’s enough to hold them. As they grow up, they are conditioned to believe they cannot break away. They believe the rope can still hold them, so they never try to break free.”

The man was amazed. These animals could at any time break free from their bonds but because they believed they couldn’t, they were stuck right where they were.

Like the elephants, how many of us go through life hanging onto a belief that we cannot do something, simply because we failed at it once before?
Failure is part of learning; we should never give up the struggle in life.




(Story of a girl who is living. Making her way out of the crucial world which viciously stares at her free thoughts and glowing dreams.)

I chose my own way to walk onto. I know it is best for me. I walked down that road and I loved it, enjoyed it and it was then when they blocked me and said to stop as I was crossing their so called ‘limit of walking ahead’. I denied & stepped my feet forward; they grabbed me, clutching their orthodoxic claws in the bones of my determination and tried to rip out my courage. But I didn’t fell to pieces rather I am still moving forward. My legs have gone numb and sore but I can’t stop neither I  will because if I do, I am never going to walk again.

I am fighting against all those snatchers in the way who are deliberately interested in taking away my dreams. I am defending their merciless presents of betrayal and  thrown stones of accusations with my shield of will. I am tired fighting this alone. My lungs are strangling for breaths as these dreary peoples have polluted every bit of air around me but I can’t give up on my breaths, because if I do they will get dispersed in atmosphere forever. 


 I am faded and I am getting weak as the demons around me are piercing through my spirit. There is a thing on me which is likely seems to go off, to go for eternal rest but I don’t want it to. The darkness is shading all the directions and is trickling down in my pupils with etching coldness but I can’t shut my eyes close because if I do they are never going to open again.

 I am riding ahead, sometimes dragging myself just so that I couldn’t get hunted by those black shadows which are tailing me since I have crossed their ‘social-limit’. I don’t want to get engulfed in that hollow darkness which they are bringing with them. Despite of all the odds, I am living for the things I seek & dream for. I am not letting the  grim death come over me, not now because if I do; I am lost and sunken forever in the realm of vanishing past.

 I am a girl who is going to live free. No matter what the corroded minds say and blame me, I am leading to the place where my dreams point me. Because if don’t do it right now, there will be no other day to live as I wish for. 
‘Just a dive in the universe of mind, filled with infinite shades of life’. – SilentShadow


    The hot winds baked under the blazing sun were gushing through the window with the whistling noise. The dried leaves of trees were racing by the road side with the dust, meantime the tiny cyclones were forming amongst them, as if they were dancing to cheer up those racers. The distinct horizon was wearing a shiny edge of mirage, a crucial lie set up by the of the heat radiations of the sun. The boy was sitting under a shadowy tree but that wasn’t enough. It was blocking the direct rays but the imminent aftereffect of radiations were still there. His back of the ears were itching as if they were on fire. His throat was getting dry by each drop of sweat that was trickling off his forehead. “Why the summer..? It is so irritating, I wish there was a cool shower of rain and no glazing sun at all.” The boy said in agitated tone. The heat was still raising up as if nature’s fury.

Few months later…

It was around afternoon but still the day was dark because the dark hazy clouds has clogged the sky, blocking the empire of sun reaching on the surface. The clouds were raining continuously as if they were unloading their burden of years onto the land. The boy was sitting by window. He was looking outside, staring at almost everything in the eye span. The clouds were rumbling horrifyingly with the intermittent flashes of lightening. The roads were drained with water and grounds were packed with mud. The smell of that contained mud and the clammy air had the boy feel nausea. He was sitting there, waiting for the rain to stop but it didn’t, quite stubborn. “Why this monsoon..? It is so unhealthy. I wish it was a cool, sunny day with greenery all over and sun glimmering in the sky instead of this rainy season.”

Few months later…

 The sun was just breaking out of the dawn. The greenery covered over the land was glistening by those first sun rays because of the millions dewdrops. The faint fog was wandering randomly over the chilling breeze through the woods. The birds were sitting on a branch of tree, muffled in groups to bear the cold around them. The boy was still in his bed even though the sun has sent his yellow rays in his room through the half open window. The bone-freezing cold has the boy made to stay hidden under the sheaths of blankets. The feel was as if his house has been shut closed in the huge freezer. “Why this winter, it is unbearable. I wish for a warm day which could diminish the cold completely. ”The boy said to himself under the trembling breaths.

Few months later…

The hot winds baked under the blazing sun were…..same as before,

Again few months later… then again….and again

Months on months passed, season on seasons changed. The boy turned into man. Everything around him changed but there was still one same thing within him, same as it was years before. The habit of wishing.

 He still dislikes the heat of summer and expects the raindrops instead. 

He still don’t want the raining clouds, and clogged environment, he expects the cool and fresh morning to emerge with sunrise.

He still shivers at the cold of winter and asks for the warmth of the summer.

He keeps it doing, he keeps wishing for the tomorrow while he is in the present. The same present that he had once wished to come in his life. But he don’t remembers that.  He is habituated to this, to the habit of being unsatisfied. Whenever he wished for the thing, nature fulfilled it but he never seem to notice it. Instead of enjoying and living what he had, he kept finding flaws and complaining about it henceforth which created that crave of getting everything better in future. But.. Again, when the wish come true he shifted his mind and turned to the other point, leaving that granted thing as a meaningless one. 

Why the boy was so unsatisfied..? Why he is so desperate..? He knew, he understand that everything around him is going to change then why he still behaves as an unsatisfied expectant..?

He kept running like that dog from story (which you must’ve heard) who wanted to catch his tail, round and round but who failed. The dog, he need to stop, he need to breath, think and give life a moment, a moment to live, the tail would come to his mouth by itself. Won’t it..?

And believe me, He is none other but WE.., or at least Me..!