The hot winds baked under the blazing sun were gushing through the window with the whistling noise. The dried leaves of trees were racing by the road side with the dust, meantime the tiny cyclones were forming amongst them, as if they were dancing to cheer up those racers. The distinct horizon was wearing a shiny edge of mirage, a crucial lie set up by the of the heat radiations of the sun. The boy was sitting under a shadowy tree but that wasn’t enough. It was blocking the direct rays but the imminent aftereffect of radiations were still there. His back of the ears were itching as if they were on fire. His throat was getting dry by each drop of sweat that was trickling off his forehead. “Why the summer..? It is so irritating, I wish there was a cool shower of rain and no glazing sun at all.” The boy said in agitated tone. The heat was still raising up as if nature’s fury.

Few months later…

It was around afternoon but still the day was dark because the dark hazy clouds has clogged the sky, blocking the empire of sun reaching on the surface. The clouds were raining continuously as if they were unloading their burden of years onto the land. The boy was sitting by window. He was looking outside, staring at almost everything in the eye span. The clouds were rumbling horrifyingly with the intermittent flashes of lightening. The roads were drained with water and grounds were packed with mud. The smell of that contained mud and the clammy air had the boy feel nausea. He was sitting there, waiting for the rain to stop but it didn’t, quite stubborn. “Why this monsoon..? It is so unhealthy. I wish it was a cool, sunny day with greenery all over and sun glimmering in the sky instead of this rainy season.”

Few months later…

 The sun was just breaking out of the dawn. The greenery covered over the land was glistening by those first sun rays because of the millions dewdrops. The faint fog was wandering randomly over the chilling breeze through the woods. The birds were sitting on a branch of tree, muffled in groups to bear the cold around them. The boy was still in his bed even though the sun has sent his yellow rays in his room through the half open window. The bone-freezing cold has the boy made to stay hidden under the sheaths of blankets. The feel was as if his house has been shut closed in the huge freezer. “Why this winter, it is unbearable. I wish for a warm day which could diminish the cold completely. ”The boy said to himself under the trembling breaths.

Few months later…

The hot winds baked under the blazing sun were…..same as before,

Again few months later… then again….and again

Months on months passed, season on seasons changed. The boy turned into man. Everything around him changed but there was still one same thing within him, same as it was years before. The habit of wishing.

 He still dislikes the heat of summer and expects the raindrops instead. 

He still don’t want the raining clouds, and clogged environment, he expects the cool and fresh morning to emerge with sunrise.

He still shivers at the cold of winter and asks for the warmth of the summer.

He keeps it doing, he keeps wishing for the tomorrow while he is in the present. The same present that he had once wished to come in his life. But he don’t remembers that.  He is habituated to this, to the habit of being unsatisfied. Whenever he wished for the thing, nature fulfilled it but he never seem to notice it. Instead of enjoying and living what he had, he kept finding flaws and complaining about it henceforth which created that crave of getting everything better in future. But.. Again, when the wish come true he shifted his mind and turned to the other point, leaving that granted thing as a meaningless one. 

Why the boy was so unsatisfied..? Why he is so desperate..? He knew, he understand that everything around him is going to change then why he still behaves as an unsatisfied expectant..?

He kept running like that dog from story (which you must’ve heard) who wanted to catch his tail, round and round but who failed. The dog, he need to stop, he need to breath, think and give life a moment, a moment to live, the tail would come to his mouth by itself. Won’t it..?

And believe me, He is none other but WE.., or at least Me..!


The sun was glazing much brighter and hotter on that late morning of summer. I was standing under the shed of shops behind me, waiting for a friend. Everything around me was to its life as it does everyday, the same routine of fruit sellers, shopkeepers and students honking their bikes towards college. I was observing them, almost everyone of them who were before my eyes because anyhow I wasn’t having any other work to do. In midst of all this, I observed a boy of age around 11-12 years. He was wearing the uniform of school with bag on his back. Obviously he was heading towards school because the clock was still ticking around 10:30 o’clock. But there was something strange about him, he wasn’t walking instead he was straddling by the road side and was looking at the building behind me. I thought he must have been waiting for his friends to come and join him. Moments later, my mind left him and begin to wander on other things. Barely a minute had passed then I saw some quick movements behind me in the shop followed by some shouting and crying. The same boy, with white uniform; the shopkeeper has grabbed his collar with one and in other hand he was holding the box of cookies. The boy looked terrified and was struggling against the muscular hand to free up himself, but he couldn’t. The shopkeeper started to yell on that boy, “you thief, stealing my cookies. Wait..you rascal, Let me call the police.” His firm grip has completely arrested the boy from fleeing and boy too understood that he is trapped. He started crying, pleading to let him go, ” Sorry uncle, let me go, I am a poor boy ” but the shopkeeper wasn’t listening at all. This play of crying and yelling continued for some time and then the peoples there started to gather there to watch te seen. One of my friend present there moved forward and asked the man what happened, in return the shopkeeper explained all the case. He explained all that how that boy tried to steal the cookies and run away. Then there was another kind person who told the shopkeeper to forgive and let the boy go, with wordly assurance that he will not do it again. That’s it, minutes later the shopkeeper freed the boy with strict warning. Again the routine came back to its flow. I thought about all the instance that had just happened, I tried to picture the boy and the circumstances in his life which made him do the theft at such small age. Obviously he was poor and he did it for the sake of his stomach. I considered the factors that could be responsible. Why he did that..?, certainly our social structure is so unbalanced that there are some peoples who live in palace of gold and at the same time there are peoples who don’t even get the one time bread. I thought about the poverty and the illiteracy and the backward and lagging conditions of peoples. The causes of all these problems were far too much far and I just kept thinking them in mind but at the end what I said to myself was that there wasn’t the complete fault of that boy, his conditions made him the thief and if given chance they could be better. I then waited there for few minutes more and until I left the place I had almost no any thoughts in process about that event. After going few meters farther, I saw the same boy, this time with his two friends in same white uniform. I thought they were heading to school, but they weren’t. They all were gazing at the same shop where that boy has been caught for stealing. The boy was staring at the shop with a kind of thirst or vendetta. I saw no remorse or any kind of regret on the face of that school boy. The same fox-eyed gaze staring at the shop was still there in his eyes. What he was doing their was certainly not nice. He was planning again to fulfill the work that he had just failed to do, to steal. I passed by them and drove away but with that the previous thoughts resurfaced again in me. What are they..? He was definitely not a poor boy who was stealing food to fill his appetite. He was something else. He was just 11 years old but his actions were like a reaped thug. Where did he learnt this..?

I thought that after releasing few moments ago with warning, he will never do it again under the cover of shame and remorse but nothing like it happened.

What kind of thing caused him such infectious mind…?

I don’t know the answer but what I realised today is that we needs far larger upgradation to our society than we might think.

The boy was the representative of the outcomes of the atmosphere of our society. This result is not even closely concerned with poverty and illiteracy. 
It was something else, call it moral values or anything. It clearly felt to me that direction that the boy is heading to is wrong, to divert him we need to go to the roots so as to find the bugs nibbling down people’s mind. Thus to lay down something better path, a better direction for upcoming. 




         Whenever the sad or worst happens in our so small life we blame the luck and time. We accuse that our time is running bad, time is unfortunate etc. But it’s not the fact. Time is neutral quantity, neither it’s good nor bad, it’s just what it is. What falters for the occurrence of these sad-bad circumstances in our life are our actions. We do or the others around us take the wrong step and then it goes wrong accordingly resulting in failure and furthermore in stress and frustration. 

            To build a better future and avoid such incidences we grew more cautious and start to race along the pace of time. We do those things also which may not come under our interest. We keep doing so much things to built a better life ahead. Time passes so the life do and then one day comes when we stop our collection work and decide to live. Right then we come to know that very much time has passed in the rush and few has left in our hands. When we turn to look back, we find that we have lost much valuable things in way than the wealth we have collected. All days starts to flood in front of our eyes and there sparkles a tiny drop of regret  in the eyes. Then we ask one question to self, “what I have accomplished..?”. After very long race and competing we get the hold of those things which are not so worthy or satisfactory than those we have missed. 

     This is what actually happens. We had avoided small funs of day to day life by considering that it was a waste of time but now we miss the same moments. We wish the same to happen again but it never goes so, it can’t. Time passes, tick by tick, nonstop without deviation of a single second. It’s on its track since it’s beginning which is certainly not known to us. Time is the only standard of this universe which never changes. But what can change is we. We can change ourselve. Let the time be anything and anyhow. We can survive through it if we learnt to cope with the time and conditions. So isn’t it is better to live on the moments which are in front of us at present rather than just being desperate about future. I am not saying that we should threw away the responsibilities and be reckless in living in the present. We should rather look forward towards future also, to build a better one, but it can be accomplished neatly if we have cemented our foundations firm in present, by living it.

Let’s take a small step on the occasion of the Holi, let the thousands of colours fill our world with happiness. Let’s start to enjoy the small things around us rather than skipping them. Believe me, it’s better to have little fun today than the tomorrow’s regret.

Hit the fun, splash the colours, be you, live the life..!
Happy Holi…!

King of Immortal Principles

“प्रतिपच्चंद्रलेखेव वर्धिष्णुर्विश्ववंदिता शाहसुनोः शिवस्यैषा मुद्रा भद्राय राजते।”

These are the legendary sanskrit lines from the royal stamp (coin) of great king Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.
The meaning of text is, ‘The glory of this Mudra of Shahaji’s son Shivaji Maharaj  will grow like the first day moon .It will be worshiped by the world & it will shine only for well being of people’.

How enormous and sensuous meaning lies within these words from the mudra..!

First of all, I bow my head and my heart in front of that extraordinary legend who walked on the earth around 350 years ago but left the mark of His shining glory behind which still sparkles in the air of Maharashtra.

I make a deep obeisance to the Chatrapati Shree Shivaji Maharaj. The king of swarajya.

Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was truly a great soul, people’s King, lion hearted warrior who came out of nothing, stood for his peoples and fought for them. He struggled his whole life to create a land where the peoples could live in harmony. Like a great soul, Maharaj devoted his all might to build a better society out of the downtrodden one. He wandered amongst the jungles and mountains to find the key to open the gate of free life for his peoples.
Shivaji Maharaj was the one who showed world the power of belief, trust and unity amongst the person’s who were with them. He proved it by conquering the evil powers just by the handful of his companions. He lived like a legend, he made the world a safer place for the peoples which was covered by the grave shadows of bad rulers. 

He formed his own legacy which descended down through the generations. But..are we keeping that legacy alive in our veins..?
Are we really leading ourselves on the way that Shivaji Maharaj has plotted..?

In those days, when the Saradars, zonal governors of Maharaj’s empire were found guilty in any case such as harassing poor peoples, taking bribes and other bad stuffs. Shivaji Maharaj used to punish them without any discrepancy. He never even brought the relations and emotions in between him and justice. But what happens nowadays, whenever someone in the society do wrong work, someone involves in corruption and some landlords dominate the poor peoples. No one stand against them to fight. We only raise our voice to complaint about the corrupt system and its flaws but none of us stands to act. Even the current governers and politicians avoid to follow their duty. This all results in increased corruption and diseased society. This is not the way Maharaj had taught us to walk on. If we stood against these bad elements and fought for society by keeping aside the selfishness then there will again be the Maharaj’s empire ruling within the public.

         Just pretending of being a follower of Shivaji Maharaj isn’t useful at all. Having a get up and look like Him doesn’t makes us his devotee nor the writing Maharaj’s name on boards, vehicles and lifeless elements does either. The soldiers of Shivaji Maharaj never tattooed His name on their body or other things. They had the principles of Maharaj engraved on their soul. They lived and died for those values which created a better society. We will have to learn Maharaj’s life and have to live the way he did. If we all tried to make a good difference after it then there will be swarajya again. 
  All of us know that Shivaji Maharaj was a great King who born 387 years ago and lived an epic life. We all tribute him on the day of remembrance but this is not the only thing we should do. Human body dies but the principles that the person laid behind are immortal. They are always here, around us and we must accept them in living a responsible life. This will give the Maharaj a greatest tribute.
|| Jay Shivray || 

The Coin

    ‘ One day a father and his rich family took his son on a trip to the village with the firm purpose to show him how poor people can be. They spent a day and a night on the farm of a very poor family. When they got back from their trip, the father asked his son, “Did you see how poor people can be.?” the father asked. “Yes!” exclaimed the son. “And what did you learn.?” asked the father.

The son answered, “I saw that we have a dog at home, and they have four. We have a pool that reaches to the middle of the garden; they have a lake that has no end. We have imported lamps in the garden; they have the stars. Our patio reaches to the front yard; they have a whole horizon.” When the little boy was finished, his father was speechless. His son added, “Thanks Dad, for showing me how ‘poor’ we are.!” 



         Isn’t it true that it all depends on the way we look at things..?  
It is not necessary that whatever we think is supposed to be good and ideal. Each thing in the world has its own perspective view and potential, it depends on us that which angle we are looking at it. 

As explained in above story, the so called rich father considered that they are really rich than others because he was having only one aspect to look at the conditions but the child has that nice vision in his eyes, he looked at the world and definition of being rich through a different side. He pointed out those things that the poor family was having besides his rich family. 

Nothing in this world is good or bad, rich or poor, small and big, pure and impure. It’s the two aspects related to each thing in this universe, unlike the two sides of a coin. It depends on the viewer that which face he is holding up. We, depending on our mindset and thoughts sought the aspect and then it becomes the same for us, good or bad; rich or poor. These things are simple to understand but hard to live onto. Positive or negative, dark or bright, these are those two faces of ‘the coin’ which determines our eyes and view within it.

If we have love, friends, family, health, and a positive attitude towards life then we’ve got everything..!

We can’t buy any of these things. We may have all the material possessions we can imagine, provisions for the future, etc., but if we are poor of spirit, we have nothing..! We have to just choose the correct side of the coin to be the better one.

We the Bharat..!

“We are not just a nation, we are the representatives of a greatest, oldest and an ordeal civilization.”      – Pandit Nehru

Before starting to any point, I wish happy republic day to everyone. There are many thing in someone’s life which make him/her feel proud of. In that sense, nation’s pride is the common and must point in everyone’s list & obviously I have it too. We all feel immeasurable proud for our country. We love it heartily. But still there is something missing which was even more proud-able than today. It hasn’t missed actually, it has been just stiffled under the time lapse and flow of generations. Let’s unfold it to discover what we were. Let’s forget about the economical graph of our country. Delete all the political plays for a minute. Remove all the glitches and waste elements from society which has covered up in recent decades.
What left behind was truly us. The Bharat which was completely bright, invincible and affluent. The Bharat of great Kings, the Bharat of superior scientists, the Bharat of prosperous literature, the Bharat of developed and model civilization.                                       We were the nation with most ancient and logical history.                                       We were the one who had the world’s best ever super-universities.                   We were the one with model construction of society.                             We were having the brightest astronomers, mathematician and herbalogists.                                                   We were the earliest civilization with advanced living parameters and business skills.

But this all has fade away in midst of the fog of time change. We changed but we failed to carry forward those legacy with us. We forget all those golden jewels and just moved on and now as we can see we need all those things back again to make us really great. Today, we need the best educational hubs as there were in Taxila and Nalanda 2000 years ago. We need the inventive minds to be formed within us which will glimmer like the Aryabhatta, Charaka did. We need the peoples leader as the Chhatrapati Shivaji, Chandragupta were hundreds of years ago. We should get all those back and it is essential too because someone has said,” you don’t always need to go in future to make yourself advanced, sometimes the past itself hold the power to boost up our present”. So on this Independence day, I wish that we could get all those elements back in ourselves so as to lead our country to upper escalations. So now on, let’s get up and start working together to be the greater as we were before. This will truly make us an independent one.

Just to explain what our India is, there are some lines as;


I am the greatness of sky,                                    I am the peace of heaven,                                  I am the legacy of legends,                               and the glory of kingdoms..

I am the glaze of sun,                                          I am the smoothness of air,                              I am the mother earth,                                     and the drops of rain shower..

I am the home of bravery,                                   I am the land of knowledge,                             I am the place of togetherness,                      and at the root of all the ages..

I am the mount Kailash,                                      I am the desert of Rajasthan,                            I am the river Ganga,                                         and the bay of Andman..

I am the hard work of farmers,                         I am the sacrifice of soldiers,                             I am the valour of martyrs,                              and the soul of my peoples..

I am the curve of smile,                                       I am the burst of happiness,                              I am the wave of joy,                                         and the feel of fulfillness..

I am the Hindustan,                                               I am the Aryavart,                                                 I am the India,                                                       and I am the Bharat..!

Jay hind….!


The Shade of Fact

      It was little late time. The darkness in the lane of that colony has intensified it’s contrast. She had left the office quite late this evening and now was passing through that lane. It was her daily route to go on and she felt no other difference there rather than increased chillness of air.
When she was in mid of the dark lane, two black figures blocked her way. Even before any kind of emotion emerge within her, a manly hand clasped her body and then…

They did it, those persons molested her, abused and even harmed too.

Few minutes later, she was still there, alone, frightened, shocked and under terror of something darker than the darkness around her. 

She was standing there like a dead statue with hundreds of questions scattered around her;


 Why this happens…?

Why the girls are being molested..?

Why women are not safe..?

Why they do this…?

        The news of molestation, abuse and harassment of women are coming out from almost every region of our country. In recent, the incidents are happening at higher rates even after the construction of strict laws. Bangalore incident is one of them.

          Unlike the above mentioned question, ‘why this happens..?’; the answers are also in hundreds. Let’s divide the answers accordingly.

     Some peoples say that this all happens because of the girls and women itself. They wore short cloths, behave so bold which provoke the beast within a man. This ultimately leads to such accidents.

In short, these people say that girls should live within certain & proper limits.

      Some peoples says that this is the complete fault of those badmen who commits the unforgivable crime and they must be hanged to death. In short, these peoples fight for right.

       Apart from these two categorised peoples, there remains the peoples who form the third category. These peoples never react on such crucial molestation, women harassment or rapes. They knew what’s wrong and what not but still they never expose their opinion. Not until they have been affected by such incident. In short, they remain neutral.

    Here, I will not blame the peoples of 1st category for their orthodox minds neither I will consent the people of 2nd category for their righteousness because none of them is doing any bad or good work within them. These people just fight,quarrel against each other for critics, politics and further nullifies their effects; they cancel out each other like two powers, +ve & -ve.

    Now you if you asked me that if I don’t blame or appreciate those two types of peoples, what leave behind..? The third type of peoples are already neutral.

Then I will reply,’ I blame the those neutral people..!’


          The peoples in first two categories are very less, around 10% of total peoples under consideration. Rest of the 90% people are the neutral ones. Whenever something bad happens with women the first two categories begin their debate, meanwhile the law and order system capture the convict and try to get them punished. The first two people groups cancel out each other and leave nothing behind, nothing impressive. Neutral people remain neutral as they were. After some time, the society slowly forget whatever had happened and this leads to uprooting of those evil mentalities as there is no fear to them which can control’em. Result, again the same cases of molestation, rapes and abuse starts in the corner of country.

       Now consider what would have happened if the neutral people had reacted on such incident. What if they had strived to spread the essence of morality and shade of fear to detoxify the minds of badmen. It would have delivered a messege to every rotten bug in society. This truly have been resulted in something good and safe world for women. The law-order and police can only punish the convicts who has committed the crime, they can’t stop the upcoming incident but the changes Implemented in society can be effective to create clean mindsets and thus can stop such mischiefs against women.

But these third case of people don’t do anything of this and that’s why I blame them.

The person committing such crime against are definitely criminal who deserve hardest punishment but somewhere we, the 3rd category people are also responsible for the events. 

So please Change, raise the voice and clean the deceased elements from society to make the world safer for women.